Welcome to the
Imagery Birthing

Audio Course Program

Through The Imagery
Birthing Program

You Will Achieve 

  • A new approach to how we think and how our thoughts affect our lives.
  • How stress, fear, and emotions affect the birthing experience.
  • How to create your own endorphins to ease discomfort and produce your own natural epidural.
  • How to experience the beautiful sexuality of your birth.
  • How color and aroma can stimulate our senses and assist in enhancing relaxation.
  • How to prepare the physical body through gentle stretching.
  • How to develop a positive emotional environment for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, labor & delivery, and beyond… throughout your new empowered lifestyle!

Imagery Birthing Mind-to-Body 

Audio Course Content 

  • Oxygen and Breathing Techniques
  • Audio Review
  • When Does a Baby Begin to Learn
  • The Power of Words
  • The Power of Thoughts
  • The Mind Can Only Hold One Thought at a Time
  • Audio Review
  • Fear Anxiety and Stress
  • The Uterus
  • Stress
  • Audio Review
  • Creating Your Own Anesthesia
  • Anesthesia Audio Session
  • Review of the Final 3 Audio Sessions
  • Affirmations Defined
  • Exercise and Relaxation
  • The Birth Plan
  • Who Will Attend Your Birth
  • When to Begin the Audio Session
  • When Labor Begins
  • Conclusion

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